Invite us to improve your quality of life buy injecting style, glamour and functionality into your work or home environment today!

Glamourous Interiors can help you realise your home’s full potential by producing stylish yet practical interiors complimenting your lifestyle needs and personal tastes.

With our years of local and international experience, knowledge of current products, access to quality tradespeople and creative flair we eliminate the overwhelming nature of the project so that you are free to enjoy the building, renovating and decorating process.


Balli and her team are very excited about the effects of a greener approach and a new technology on the production of textiles, wallpapers and paint finishes that are available today.



Why Choose Us

We save you the hard work and time associated with sourcing so that you can simply enjoy the selection process.

We have the ability to access so many quality products, craftsman and tradespeople both Australian & international to make the vision real in good time.

Save Time:
When you delegate the job to the experts you are free to do what you do best and you benefit from faster and more efficient results due to the experts’ established relationships with quality suppliers and manufacturers.


Save Money:
Decisions made by experts in relation to your project are made with experience and knowledge of processes, standards and products greatly reducing the likelihood of mistakes thus saving valuable time and money.


Access to the latest products and trends:
Stay ahead in style and function and embrace exciting new products through your designer whose job it is to stay on top of current trends in the industry. Designers and decorators often have exclusive access to these products way in advance of them being offered through mainstream retailers.

Our Interior Designers

  • Balli Yusuf
    Balli Yusuf has recognised and respected the importance of reflecting individual taste whilst fulfilling the functionality and lifestyle requirements from a client's brief over the last 17 years of her career.